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The roof of your residential or commercial property needs to be in good condition to ensure it keeps the valuables, structural integrity, and people inside safe from the elements. It also enhances the beauty of your home and increases its value.

Homeowners and commercial property owners often overlook the importance of it. It is what leads to unwanted financial burdens and hassles later on. If your property’s roof is damaged or leaking, or if you need professional inspection or roof repair in Worthing, UK, Watertight roofing company has the answers to your problems.

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With years of experience in the industry, rest assured that our certified, factory-trained, insured, bonded, and licensed specialists can take care of any services and roofing issues professionally. Most of all, our services come with a warranty, and we’re transparent in our approach. It means there are no hidden charges or surprises at the end of the project, which is a common issue most homeowners or business owners face when looking for roofing in Worthing.

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Whether it’s schools, retail stores, or office buildings, we specialise in them all. Based in Worthing, we work closely with local authorities and insurance services to ensure that our clients get the best possible service and protection against unforeseen events.

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At Watertight, we take pride in the skills, expertise, and experience we have gathered over the years. That means we can take care of any issue. Our commitment to our customers can be seen in the fact that most of our customers are referrals of our existing clients or from word of mouth. Our comprehensive range of services helps ensure you never have to look for any other tradesman. Whether you’re just looking for minor repair work or want to replace the old roof in your warehouse, residence, storage facility, or just about any size property.

Some Of The Services We Offer

Our experts at Watertight have taken care of projects of mammoth scales with uncompromising precision and quality while fully complying with local building and safety laws. We are a full-service responsive, honest, and reliable roofing company Worthing offering a wide range of services. Our wide range of quality roofing services include:

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Our Expert Roofing
Services in Worthing

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As one of the leading names in the quality roofing business in Worthing, Watertight Company has been able to win the trust of its hundreds of clients in and around its service area. Whether it is the public sector, residential, industrial, or commercial clients, our work has made its mark in the respective sectors by offering transparent, reliable, honest, and dedicated services that don’t cost a fortune.

Whether you need a simple flat roof repair job or a major replacement project, you can trust us for quality services. Our experts, who are vetted and certified, would help you understand the intricacies of the project to ensure you take advantage of everything that matters to you and your property when making important decisions. As the best roofers in Worthing, we don’t leave anything to chance.

From Minor Roof Repairs to Full Roof Replacement, Our Services Include:

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For more info and questions on services and companies, please visit:

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For Your Roofing Works?

Your trusted local roofer

There’s no shortage of experienced roofers, but what’s in short supply is a roofer in Worthing whom you can trust with your home. Since we are a family-run business, we have been doing this for generations. We have gained knowledge, expertise, and trustworthiness that your ordinary construction company mechanic may take years to acquire. We also recommend our friends over at  Taunton Prestige Roofing; they provide a quality and professional service throughout the Somerset area. We are an old and established family run business with years of industry experience. That being said, here are some more reasons to hire us:

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100% Quality Service Guarantee

We believe in providing high standards and quality services to all our customers. This means we will give you the best possible solution for your needs. Our online reviews stand testimony to our dedication to the quality of standard of our service.

Reliable and Fully Qualified Workmanship

We know how important reliability is in this industry. For this reason, we only employ highly skilled tradesperson experienced in all aspects of this trade and trained to do their jobs efficiently and to the highest standards. Our workers are equipped with all the tools and equipment required to complete any roofing work. While we work at your property, we also ensure your and your neighbours’ safety by using scaffolding and other safety measures for your peace of mind.

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Roofing Worthing

Affordable Price

When you hire us, you get great value for money because we don’t charge for work we don’t do. You won’t be paying exorbitant prices for our services. We also offer affordable and cost-effective rates that fit within your budget.

High Standard Professionalism

We understand that you need to feel comfortable working with a professional company that values customer satisfaction. You’ll always find friendly, polite, and knowledgeable staff with us. We have quite a reputation for our employees’ professionalism and good attitude.

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24/7 Roofing Emergencies

We’re available round the clock if there’s ever an emergency roof work needed. We respond immediately to any call and ensure that your roof problems are fixed as soon as possible. Whether it’s weather damage like storm damage, leaky tiles, or something related to soffits, our team can undertake emergency jobs of all sizes and scales.

Free No Obligation Quotes and Estimates

We’re confident in quoting you an estimate before starting any roofing process. We will visit your address in person and understand the details of your project. Then we prepare a quote and make you fully aware of the costs involved, so there are no surprises later. If you are not happy with our quotation or the amount in our quote, just let us know, and we will try to make things right. We offer free estimates, practical advice, and recommendations to get your project off the ground.

Roofers Worthing Certified, Licensed,

Certified, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

All our workers are licensed and insured. We also cover insurance for all our employees, equipment, and vehicles. You can rest easy knowing that you are free from liability in case of a mishap. We are also a member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors and industry trade associations.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our customer service department is staffed by qualified professionals who aim to go the extra mile and deliver outstanding customer care service. They are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with us is positive and memorable. We answer all calls promptly and resolve any problem quickly. Clients highly recommend our company for our professional job services and competitive pricing.

Roofers Worthing Customer Service
Roofers Worthing Factors to Consider

No Job Too Small

We take a huge amount of pride in providing excellent customer service before, during, and after the completion of the roofing project. Clients who have experienced our services would highly recommend us, acknowledging the fantastic job we do every time.

Quality Materials

Be 100% assured because we use only the finest materials and sustainable products when undertaking projects. These include:

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Factors to Consider when choosing materials

Tips from Worthing’s best roofers!

The market is filled with various roofing materials, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For someone unsure of which material to choose for your home, it is best to consult a professional who can guide you in the right direction. Several factors must be considered when selecting the material for your property. Some of these factors are:

Building Regulations

For add-ons in new homes, the owners have many choices to go with in terms of materials. However, in properties where the roof installation would take place over the existing ones, its pitch, underlying material’s strength, structure, composition, and other variables come into the picture. So, how the roofing application would occur is a deciding factor when choosing a material. At Watertight, our roofing experts, with years of experience, would assess the structure to provide you with options that best fit your requirement and budget without compromising on the curb appeal of your property. Hiring just any roofers in Worthing is a bad idea when your home is at stake.

Property’s Aesthetics

One of the critical factors in determining which type of material would go well with your property is its aesthetics. For example, tile roofing is known to go well with older homes, while modern homes choose asphalt shingles. For domestic and commercial properties, metal and flat roofs are mostly recommended. The property’s architectural style helps with deciding which material to use.


At Watertight, we look at the property and the surroundings to help you choose the suitable material for your house or commercial property. It is the key to ensuring the health of your roof and outlasting its expected lifespan without needing frequent repairs. We check the surrounding of the property and environment for low-slung tree branches, moisture in the air, structural integrity, roofing strength, and more before helping you choose the right option.

Energy Efficiency

It is vital to check the energy efficiency of the material you choose for your commercial or residential property. We would consult with you regarding the energy efficiency of your home or commercial structure and its energy requirements. It would help you make an informed decision while choosing a material type that reduces energy bills considerably. Solar and metal roofs are the most energy-efficient due to their natural reflective abilities.

Longevity and Durability

It is standard for anyone to go for the most durable type that lasts a long time. While most materials can easily last for a couple of decades, metal roofs are known to last nearly five decades when maintained well or in ideal conditions. Our experts at Watertight can help you judge the suitable material from your list of preferences to ensure you get what you want. We have skilled professionals with years of roofing expertise, and we can complete the work provided on time.

Material Weight

The weight of the material you choose should also be an essential factor. You should be aware of the specification of the materials you are using. Metal structures like lead, tin and zinc are typically lighter than asphalt shingles or other leak-proof materials. Going with heavier materials like concrete, clay and stone are fine if the system is new. However, lightweight materials like fiberglass and wood are essential for older and weak structures, or they can cause problems.

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If you are looking for trusted, reputed, and reliable roofing contractors in Worthing, who are fully insured and have years’ experience in the roofing trade, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re a well-established business based in Worthing and serving the surrounding areas including East and West Sussex, Burgess Hill, Billingshurst, and even based in Lancing. Our professional roofing team specialises in everything from installation to maintenance, small repairs, emergency roof repairs, moss removal, and UPVC services. You can be sure of receiving warranty-backed materials and services with an exceptional quality of work. We’ve built a reputation as reliable Worthing roofing specialists, and you can definitely count on us for all your roofing needs.


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