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The roof of a commercial property is one of its most crucial parts, and its periodical maintenance is essential to keep the integrity of the entire structure and its interiors intact. It forms the first line of defence from the harsh weather, making it the most vulnerable part of your property.

It is exposed to weather and a lot of other environmental elements daily that can deteriorate it over time, increasing the risk of damage to the roof. Right from choosing the right roofing material to proper installation and from maintenance to periodical repairs, each of these aspects is essential to keep a check on the roof’s health and extend its lifespan. It drastically impacts the durability and longevity of the roof positively.

Based out of Worthing, UK, Watertight Worthing Roofing specializes in commercial and industrial roofing projects. Over the years, we have worked on countless projects and pride ourselves in providing high-quality roofing materials along with certified roofing services like installation, repair, maintenance, replacement, and more. Our innovative, affordable, and reliable roofing solutions make us one of the most sought after commercial roofing companies in the region.

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We see through roofing projects right from start to finish, not to mention exceptional after-sales services and uncompromising customer support. We are compliant with local building, and regulatory laws and each of our roofing projects are at par with industry standards. Our team of roofing specialists are fully insured, bonded, trained, and certified, to give you the peace of mind knowing your roofing project is in the best hands.
Watertight Worthing Roofing has a reputation for installing high-quality roofing systems for commercial buildings. Our experienced and knowledgeable roofing expert will inspect your property and offer high-performance and energy-efficient roofing solution based on your requirements and budget.

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Being in the roofing business for many years, we have a well-connected network in the roofing industry. It helps us source high-quality and warranty-backed roofing materials directly from the reputed manufacturers. The installation process is carried out after cleaning the terrace using advanced cleaning tools, including pressure washers. A dedicated manager is assigned to the site to oversee the project’s progress and ensure it is completed as scheduled.
If your current commercial roofing has aged or has sustained a lot of damage, we can help replace the entire roof or the damaged portion. Our commercial roofing team will replace the old roof with a new one keeping your schedule in mind. We take measures to ensure little to no disruption to your business operations. 

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Our commercial roofing installation includes the following:

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Business Premises
Roof Repairs

Roofing Commercial Worthing BN11

A commercial roof needing repairs will greatly impact your ability to do business smoothly and may put your business valuables, employees, and even customers in the line of harm. Any roof-related problems such as leaking, ponding, shrinking, tinting and others can potentially cause numerous issues for your business.
At Watertight Worthing Roofing, we understand how important your reputation is, and we ensure that you can do your business uninterrupted by taking care of all roof repairs quickly and efficiently. Our professional commercial roofing team are trained and well-equipped to complete any roofing job without compromising on the quality.

For us, the project is never complete until you’re satisfied, and it is this commitment to customers that have helped us become one of the leading roofers in the region.
We understand that commercial roof repairs are not always possible between normal business hours, and it is the reason why we offer round the clock services for your convenience. Our team follows standard procedures to inspect the roof thoroughly and carry out repairs, if needed, to ensure the roofing issues stop recurring frequently. We also offer a guttering, soffits and facias installation service for all business premises.

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Industrial Roofing

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Most roofing materials will need some regular maintenance and roof inspection from time to time to ensure that small damages do not turn into costly replacements. A small investment on bi-annual or annual roof inspection and maintenance services can make a huge difference to your commercial property management.
Our commercial maintenance team can identify any possible damages during inspection to avoid it from worsening with time, resulting in additional financial burden and hassles for the business owner. Regular commercial inspection and maintenance will help extend the life of the roof and help you make the most out of your investment. We have experience in the maintenance of a wide range of commercial roofs, including metal, flat, asphalt, tiling, and many others.

Emergency Commercial
Roofing Services

Roof leaks and issues do not always happen during working hours. Leaky roofs or roof penetration can not only disrupt your business operations but can compromise the structural integrity of the facility. Our emergency roofing team is available for commercial roof repair, and service needs 24/7. We can dispatch a roofing crew at a moment’s notice to address the issues you might be experiencing and resolve them as quickly as possible. We help business owners get their roof repaired swiftly before the problem gets severe and costlier.

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Areas of Expertise

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No matter what your commercial roofing needs might be, Watertight Worthing Roofing can offer professional roofing solutions to match your specific needs. We have years of experience using traditional and modern roofing techniques to bring you the workmanship you can rely on. We can provide commercial roofing services to a wide range of facilities, irrespective of the scale of the project. It includes

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Roofing Professionals

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We, at Watertight Worthing Roofing, understand that your business needs the protection of dependable and sturdy roofs. We are a full-service commercial roofing company offering everything you might need to protect your investment and make the most of your roof. We work for clients on projects of all sizes and styles – from roof replacement, roof repair, and fresh roof installation. Our team would work closely with you and keep in you the loop throughout the project to ensure the outcome is as good as or better than what you expected.

Watertight Worthing Roofing Company is one of the leading roofing companies in the region. Our team of roofing professionals would ensure that whether you’re looking for roof repair, roof maintenance, roof installation, or anything else, the business operations are not interrupted during the process. We have a system in place to ensure the safety of the roof and people inside while the project is going on. Contact us today for a first free consultation or to get a free no-obligation quote. Rest assured, you won’t regret hiring us as your roofing service provider!

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