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Here in Worthing and the surrounding areas, we’re blessed with more sunny days than most places in the UK, including Brighton. But that bright sunshine outside doesn’t always make its way into our homes or conservatories. Dark, gloomy rooms can make a home feel so much smaller and disconnected from the outdoors.

That’s where Watertight Worthing Roofing comes in! With many years of experience and a wide range of building products, we specialize in installing skylights and roof windows, also known as rooflights, to flood any room, whether you need it in your property or conservatory, with natural light. Not only does this open up interior spaces, it also reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day. This can help lower your electricity bills too and provide better insulation.

Flooding Rooms With Natural Light in Worthing

Skylights and Velux roof windows are a brilliant way to bring bright, natural light into your home in Worthing. They create the illusion of space and airiness, even in a small room or loft conversions. Picture waking up to sunny skies in your bedroom or a cozy home office space filled with daylight. When you book our skylight services, you’re investing in an exceptional workmanship.

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Health Benefits of Natural Light

Opening up your home with skylights or Velux roof windows isn’t just visually appealing. Letting in natural light provides some great health benefits too. Studies show it can:

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So by installing a roof window or skylight, you could be doing your health a favour, and it’s also environmentally-friendly!

Adding Value to Your Home

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Installing a skylight or roof window is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Not only does it enhance your living space, it’s an attractive feature for potential buyers too.

If you’re thinking of replacing old windows, consider our replacement windows. Recent surveys, even recommended on Checkatrade, show that good natural light ranks high on homeowners’ wish lists. Properties with skylights tend to sell for 5-15% more than comparable homes without.

So installing a skylight or roof window can be a smart investment for the future, and we certify this with a 10-year warranty.

Transform a Room with a Skylight or Roof Window

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Here are some of the rooms that can be utterly transformed with a skylight or roof window:


Imagine starting your day with a sunny, bright bathroom instead of a gloomy space. Ventilation is better and it makes mundane morning routines so much more pleasant.


Cooking and dining feel more joyful in a sun-filled kitchen. Natural light also makes this busy space appear larger and airier.


Wake up refreshed after a great night’s sleep in a brightly-lit bedroom. Solar-powered Velux products might even help you get out of bed more easily!

Home Offices:

A Velux roof window introduces natural light into a home office, helping you stay focused and energized through your working day. Check our search results for reviews!

Types of Skylights & Roof Windows by Reliable Roof Window Installers

As a FENSA-approved company, we offer a few options when it comes to choosing a skylight or roof window for your window installation Worthing. The right one will depend on your room size, roof type, and budget. Take a look at our specification guide for glazing options.

Fixed Skylights:

As the name suggests, fixed skylights don’t open. They are made with an aluminium frame and are the most affordable option that let in plenty of light through an energy-efficient glass dome.

Vented Skylights:

These can be opened to let in fresh air. They have an internal flap that tilts open or a sliding window pane. They cost more than fixed skylights but offer excellent ventilation.

Tubular Skylights:

These channel sunlight down through reflective tubes. They are ideal for smaller spaces like hallways, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Velux Roof Windows:

These are fully fledged windows installed in roof slopes. Premium features like rain sensors, remote operation, and triple glazing are available. Naturally, these windows come at a greater installation cost but offer the highest standard of workmanship.

 Installation Process
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Once you’ve chosen the perfect skylight or roof window, our professional team of polite and reliable roof window installers will handle the installation process with minimal disruption to your home. Here’s what you can expect:

Worthing Roof Windows Skylights

Site survey:

We assess your roof structure to recommend the optimal skylight for your space.


The installation area is protected before we create an opening in your roof.


The skylight or roof window is installed and weatherproofed with great care and attention to detail.


We take care of any interior finishing touches like plastering or painting.

Clean up:

Finally, we tidy the job site, leaving your home as clean as a whistle.

Throughout the installation process, we aim to protect your interiors from dust and debris. We’ll keep you informed of progress and timescales. Our customers appreciate our quick, tidy, and professional service. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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Why Choose Watertight
Worthing Roofing?

When it comes to bringing more natural light into your home in Worthing, you can count on the expertise of Watertight Worthing Roofing. Here’s why you can trust us for your skylight or roof window installation:

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Over 15 Years Experience:

We’ve been locally owned and operated since 2005. In that time, we’ve handled all kinds of skylight and roof window installations, offering a wide range of Velux products. You can be confident we’ll get the job done right.

Trained Installers:

Our roofers are fully trained to install skylights and roof windows safely and professionally. We keep up with the latest products, fittings, and industry regulations.

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Roof Windows Skylights West Sussex Worthing

Quality Guaranteed:

We only use skylights and roof windows from trusted, high-quality manufacturers. And we stand by our work with long warranties for total peace of mind, including a 10 year guarantee.

 Fast Turnaround:

Once you hire us, we’ll schedule your installation quickly and efficiently. Most jobs take 1-2 days from start to finish. Disruption is kept minimal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Worthing Roof Windows Skylights faq

Here are answers to some of the common questions we often receive from homeowners in the Worthing area about installing skylights, velux windows, and roof lights:

How much do skylights, velux window, and roof lights cost to install?

Installation costs vary depending on the type, size, and features. As a guide, fixed skylights start from £500, while triple glazed roof windows in Worthing start at £2,000 upwards. Upgrade your home with our solutions, and we provide free quotes for your project. If you’re looking at replacement velux, they’re priced similarly.

Should I get planning permission?

Planning permission isn’t usually required for skylight, velux window, and roof light installations. But if you’re a homeowner, we’ll let you know if we feel you may need approval for your particular window in your property. Some windows are also subject to FENSA regulations, so we’ll guide you on that.

Will installation be noisy or messy?

Our fitter team takes measures to ensure minimal noise and mess during the window installation in Worthing. Most installations take just 1-2 days from start to finish. We protect your interiors, and our customer service ensures we tidy up fully afterwards.

When is the best time to install them?

Spring and summer are great ways to install skylights, velux windows, and roof lights. You can open them to let in fresh air and enjoy views of sunny blue skies. Though, we can provide this solution at any time of the year.

How long does installation take?

On average, expect 1-2 days for a straightforward installation. Give us a chance to discuss timescales when providing our quote. Larger projects may take a little longer, and if repair or replacement is needed, we’ll let you know.

Let The Sun Shine In!

If you long for brighter, sunlit living spaces, it’s time to bespeak the installation of skylights, velux windows, or roof lights in your Worthing home. These windows are also a transparent way to flood rooms with natural light, and adding blinds is an option for controlling the light.

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From lighting up dark rooms with solar energy to boosting your health and mood, the benefits are clear. Plus, adding value to your property is an added bonus! Need a new window or an upgrade? Watertight Worthing Roofing, a specialist with over 15 years of experience, has you covered.

Our 10-year experience and commitment to quality ensure that whether it’s a repair, replacement, or a brand-new window installation, you’re in good hands. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote today. We’ll inspect and vet your property, advising on the best options considering your needs and budget, ensuring it’s the best solution for the Worthing area.

Colour options? We have a range. Let us install the perfect skylights or roof windows, and we can’t wait to transform the feel of your home, letting the sunshine in!

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